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#DoomMetalMonday: Witchcraft, "Her Sisters They Were Weak"

May 22, 2017 | by Jocelyn Hoppa

We're all over the global map today. First, we introduced Mondo Rocko, a column dedicated to the international music scene. And now, we pay homage to Swedish stoner/doom rockers, Witchcraft. Their self-title debut album was released in 2004, covering two Pentagram songs from the '70s. This stuff was proudly recorded in a basement using only vintage equipment and sounds as such.

This stuff sounds like they could've played right alongside Black Sabbath. "Her Sisters They Were Weak" — the last track on the — is particularly medievally delicious. At the 3:10 mark, lyrics are recited backwards (likewise, on the CD booklet they are printed backwards — if you hold it up to a mirror, it reveals an evil allegory):

Her sisters they were weak / They fell for the Devil's charms / Mesmerizing eyes / They went right into his arms / Afraid to look around / The bright girl ran way / One last glance / And she saw her sisters pray.

Fun fact: This band formed first as a one-off tribute to pay homage to Pentagram's Bobby Liebling and Roky Erickson, only ever intending to make one song "No Angel or Demon." Super glad they were wrong about that.

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