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August 21, 2017 | by Jocelyn Hoppa

Soooo many doom bands are all about the sun and blacking out the sun. Here's 15 examples, of probably hundreds. TOTALITY, FUCK YEAH!!

Kadavar, "Black Sun"

Witchhelm, "The Cult of the Black Sun"

Covenant, "Black Sun Rising"

Spirit Caravan, "Lost Sun Dance"

Pentagram, "Dark Is the Sunlight"

Candlemass, "The Killing of the Sun"

Electric Wizard, "The Sun Has Turned to Black"

Swallow the Sun, "New Moon"

High on Fire, "The Sunless Years"

Black Sun Void, "Dead Landscape"

Hiding Sun, "Sol Mane"

The Howling Void, "The Wolf and the Eclipse"

Sleep, "The Clarity"

Lucifer, "Total Eclipse"

Black Wasteland, "Sun Turns Black"

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