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Soul Recess: Watch Charles Bradley Perform 1967 Rodriguez Cover "I'll Slip Away"

Photo by @laurapolischuik_photo

September 29, 2017 | by Angela Zimmerman

Artist: Charles Bradley covering Rodriguez

Song: "I'll Slip Away" was originally recorded in 1967 as Rodriguez's debut single for Impact Records.

Album: Bradley recorded the track with the Menahan Street Band for a special 7" release to commemorate Light in the Attic Records' 10-year anniversary in 2012.

Date and place: This performance of "I'll Slip Away" was captured in Amsterdam's Club Ziggo on July 4, 2013.

Why your soul needs this: When Charles Bradley passed away from cancer last Saturday at the age of 68, the world lost a rare talent, a vocalist so powerful he gave me chills every time I saw him perform. The Screaming Eagle of Soul found his way to fame later in life. His story is inspiring, but it's his singular crone and stage presence that earned him his place in the collective conscious of contemporary rock 'n' roll. His voice chronicles the full emotional spectrum of humanity like few singers are capable. In the words of the Screaming Eagle himself, "My heart carries pain, hurt, love—if I could put all of this in one word, it's impossible. So that's what soul is."

Fun fact: Bradley worked as a James Brown impersonator before finding his groove as a professional singer and songwriter.

Watch Charles Bradley perform "I'll Slip Away."

Watch an entire Charles Bradley and His Extraordinaires at Baloise Session in Switzerland from 2016.

And here's another treat.

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