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First Listen: Gothenburg's Holy Now Release New Single for Forthcoming LP

First Listen, Holy Now, Feel It All

January 11, 2018 | by Jason Thomas

Holy Now is my favorite Gothenburg baby band, and has been for some time. I don't know how Julia Olander comes up with her creative output, layering almost deceptively simple but heavy, heavy lyrics over bouncy pop melodies, but their new single "Feel It All" is the quintessential winter anthem for a confused or broken soul trying to look out through a small window in a basement of self-doubt and see a world worth interacting with, before it all passes by.

It's an almost perfect indie-pop song:

I've been here before

I can't take it

Need something more

I have to make it

This heart of mine

It is slowly growing old

So hear me now

Don't you want us to belong?

Feel it all

Even if the pain is a stabbing one, just feel it all, because soon enough you won't feel anything.

Holy Now is the next Alvvays, and they always were gonna be (no pun intended). Their debut LP is due out this spring on Lazy Octopus Records.

For an added sample, please check out Holy Now performing a Gothenburg Session live:

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