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Single Release: Suicidal Tendencies, "Nothing to Lose"

Suicidal Tendencies

February 20, 2018 | by James Greene, Jr.

Once again the old adage is proven — you can't keep a heavily bandana'd crossover thrash band down. Skate ramps and 7-11 parking lots will be supercharged on March 9th when Suicidal Tendencies release their EP Get Your Fight On! (only the second EP these living legends have ever put out). A few days ago, Suicidal dropped GYFO!'s first single, the defiant blast "Nothing to Lose."

"Trust me, I got nothin' to lose!" Mike Muir insists over this latest mad frenzy; the bite is about as sharp as one could expect from forty year old punk band, but in the words of Socrates, hey, so what, it's fun. That might be the order of the day as Get Your Fight On! carries several instrumental renditions of the title cut, boasting names like "Get Your Bass On!" and "Get Your Shred On!"

Suicidal Tendencies will be getting their live concert on when they kick off 2018's Get Your Fight On! tour on March 17th at the Storm The Gates Music Festival in Auckland, New Zealand. For their full itinerary, visit Suicidal Tendencies dot eu.

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