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Watch the Trailer for Paradox, A Daryl Hannah Film Starring Neil Young

Paradox, Neil Young

March 13, 2018 | by Jocelyn Hoppa

The trailer for Daryl Hannah’s Paradox just dropped, and it’s a fantasy Western starring her partner and all-around legend Neil Young as The Man In the Black Hat. Described as a “loud poem,” the fantasy film is supposed to be a whimsical Western tale about music and love.

According to the trailer, Hannah may’ve gleaned inspiration from the Dark Tower series, peyote, and bad hippie art school films.

From Daryl Hannah’s press notes: “We only had a few days and we didn’t have a crew on Paradox — I shot on a Super 8 and my cellphone, while CK [visual artist Adam CK Vollick] did the heavy lifting with his Sony 150 cam with attached mic. Our cast members acted as a de facto crew, carrying their own props, dressing in different costumes to be extras, moving stuff around, and we essentially had no budget.” Hard to know what to make of all this (aside from it's gonna be kinda crappy), but one thing is for sure: We're all going to find out what a loud poem is.

The full-length feature officially premieres on March 15 at SXSW, and will be available to all Netflix account holders on March 23 (with a limited theatrical release).

The original soundtrack for Paradox will be distributed digitally and on double vinyl, and features music from Young with his backing back Promise of the Real, and session players Jim Keltner and Paul Bushnell, an orchestra, as well as contributions from Willie Nelson and Micah Nelson.

Paradox Tracklist:

Side 1: 01. Many Moons Ago In The Future (Narration by Willie Nelson) 02. Show Me 03. Paradox Passage 1 04. Hey 05. Paradox Passage 2 06. Diggin’ In The Dirt – Chorus (written by Neil Young, Lukas Nelson & Micah Nelson) 07. Paradox Passage 3 08. Peace Trail (Engineered and Mixed by Tim Mulligan and Dave Lohr)

Side 2: 01. Pocahontas (Engineered and Mixed by Tim Mulligan and Dave Lohr) 02. Cowgirl Jam ((Engineered and Mixed by Tim Mulligan and Dave Lohr) 03. Angel Flying Too Close To The Ground (written by Willie Nelson)

Side 3: 01. Paradox Passage 4 02. Diggin’ In The Dirt (written by Neil Young, Lukas Nelson & Micah Nelson) 03. Paradox Passage 5 04. Running To The Silver Eagle (written by Neil Young + POTR) 05. Baby What You Want Me To Do? (written by Jimmy Reed) 06. Paradox Passage 6 07. Offerings 08. How Long? (written by Huddle Ledbetter)

Side 4: Etched artwork

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