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Mudhoney Announce 2018 Full Tour

May 10, 2018 | by Jocelyn Hoppa

Mudhoney are a band that don’t tour all that often, because they have careers and day jobs and stuff of that nature, but when they do, I am there. Upon hearing they announced their 2018 tour, I raced on over to their website to check out the dates. There’s no Philly dates, which isn’t shocking (this is a trend I’m getting used to), but there’s only one East Coast date in Brooklyn. Should be fun to have all the diehard Mudhoney fans strewn across the Northeast corridor descend upon a polish community center in Greenpoint.

The majority of this tour is taking place across the pond in Europe. And who can really blame them? Anyone not entirely over America right now is a more tolerant person than I.

You can find all of their 2018 tour dates here. Hopefully one of their four U.S. dates are within driving distance to your hometown, although if you're not on a coast you can forget it. Ah well, this will have to be good enough for now.

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