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Bonnaroo Gets Extra Crunchy with Free Drop Off Laundry Service

Bonnaroo, Free Drop Off Laundry

June 5, 2018 | by James Greene, Jr.

The Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival kicks off this Thursday in Manchester, Tennessee, offering four days of marquee talent like Eminem, the Killers, Moon Taxi, and Basenectar. There will also be dirt, mud, grease, sweat, grass, and food stains. If potential sartorial mishaps have been preventing you from purchasing tickets to this outdoor experience, worry no more. Bonnaroo has announced the LaundROO Lounge, a 3,600 sq ft "laundry destination" where festival employees will wash your soiled linens at no charge. And you thought free love was dead!

25 washing machines, 25 dryers, phone charging stations, air conditioning — this place is just like a real laundromat, except you don't need a bitch load of quarters or a book to pass the time. LaundROO Lounge will be open every day of Bonnaroo from 9am until 7pm.

Even more astounding is the fact this destination will also operate as a vintage clothing swap. Dirty or clean, if you get sick of your duds, LaundROO Lounge will let you trade them out. New York-based vintage shop What Goes Around Comes Around has brought 2,500 clothing items to start with, and all the pieces left behind will be donated to area charities. Now you can enjoy the beautiful arts of Hippie Sabotage and The Brummies unfettered by concerns about your topaz Nehru jacket.

Make laundry, not war.

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