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A Band You Should Know: Surreal and Satisfying Songbirds, Shy Boys

Shy Boys, Bell House

June 29, 2018 | by Jocelyn Hoppa

From Polyvinyl's website: "Hailed as 'The Beach Boys on Robitussin,' Shy Boys (brothers Collin & Kyle Rausch, Konnor Ervin, Kyle Little & Ross Brown) were bred in the dankest basements of Kansas City, MO as a group of ill-fitting squares in a scene of punks and weirdos."

We'll add Meat Puppets (namely, because of the track "Take the Doggie" posted on their Bandcamp page) and Human Highway (see video below) to the making likeness roster here.

Shy Boys have their second record release, Bell House, slated for August 3, 2018, and we get the feeling their gonna make their name outside of the Midwest this time around.

Collin describes the songs for this album taking shape through "a group of guys trying to get through some sort of mutual identity crisis. The lifestyle [they all lived in a house on Bell Street in Kansas] became overwhelming and really seeped into the music."

Reflective songs infused with vocal harmonies as a bonafide instrument, the songs found on Bell House are a little weird and a lot wonderful.

Check out their video for "Evil Sin"

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