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"Freddy vs. Jason": Nu Metal Gave Them The Power?

August 15, 2018 | by James Greene, Jr.

Killswitch Engage, DevilDriver, Spineshank, Powerman 5000 — a snapshot of FM radio in 2003, a snapshot of FM radio in several time-frozen markets now. These particular artists are also found on the soundtrack to Freddy vs. Jason, the tent pole square off released 15 years ago on this very day that horror junkies had been fantasizing about for so many years prior. The antagonistic scrape of this nu metal class lends a dramatic swagger to the concept of two undead cretins battling for title of Absolute Worst Boogeyman Period. Not that Hatebreed's "Condemned Until Rebirth" is on par with Bernard Hermann. The score from Psycho could never be confused for a WWE promo.

Yes, Virginia, I saw Freddy vs. Jason in the theater during its original run but I cannot recall any instance where the marriage of Vorhees, Krueger, and Mushroomhead blew me away. What I remember mostly is the two teens in front of me who immediately got into a fight once the movie was over regarding which ghoul was victorious. The venom soaking their voices is one I may never forget.

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