Suggested Activities for Megadeth's Megacruise

September 26, 2018 | by James Greene, Jr.


Megadeth is entering the realm of themed vacationing next year with the Megacruise. Here now, a few ideas for entertaining the fans once they're aboard the SS Mustaine.


- Water polo tournament between all surviving former band members


- Vic Rattlehead's Spa, where a guy in a skull mask vigorously rubs passengers down


- Satellite link up with current KISS cruise to check out Bruce Kulick's banana hammock


- The wacky and wet Declining Record Sales Simulator (i.e. a pool slide)


- Dave Ellefson's All You Can Nibble Midwestern Buffet


- One-on-one private sunscreen tutorial with Kiko Loureiro


- "That's Mega-tainment!", a rousing stage show that looks back on Megadeth's entire career, hosted by Dave Mustaine himself and also starring Dave Mustaine in every role


- Any passenger who can prove chemtrails aren't a government conspiracy to sustain Metallica's popularity gets to captain the ship for a day



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