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"The True Esperanto": Pick Your Favorite David Lee Roth Quote From His Latest Interview

David Lee Roth

December 12, 2018 | by James Greene, Jr.

It's 2018, but David Lee Roth is still David Lee Roth. The former Van Halen singer sat down with Vogue for a recently published profile where he promotes his new skincare line (meant to keep tattoos looking resilient), recounts New York kayaking adventures, and proves time hasn't weathered his colorful approach to everything. Some choice quotes below.

"[Van Halen's] music is timeless and can be played by Filipino bar bands at Hasidic weddings flawlessly."

"The [skincare] product that we're dealing with now goes hand in hand with what I think is the true Esperanto: it's a language — ink — that everybody shares, especially if you don't speak the same language."

"Eddie Van Halen looks at me with the same non-understanding stare that a parrot has for a ringing telephone when I start talking about this, but I paint and draw routinely."

"I've learned that the only resort against adversity is your friends, and nobody does anything good alone — well, maybe Prince."

"All the lines in my forehead are named after girlfriends."

Namaste, Dave.

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