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The Sleeper: Jason Loewenstein’s 2017 Solo LP “Spooky Action”

Jason Loewenstein, Spooky Action

March 18, 2019 | by Jocelyn Hoppa

Who knows why I didn’t pick up on Jason Loewenstein’s first solo record in 15 years (following 2002’s At Sixes and Sevens via Sub Pop, in which he produced the record and played every instrument), but I did not.

With the first Sebadoh album in six years upon us — Act Surprised releasing on May 24th — and a subsequent tour in the works, it just had me thinking. Sebadoh and Lou Barlow I tend to listen to periodically (and by "periodically" I mean pretty much always), but lately I've been considering that many of my favorite Sebadoh moments are Loewenstein-driven tracks on albums like Smash Your Head on the Punk Rock, Sebadoh III, and Bubble & Scrape.

Loewenstein put out Spooky Action in 2017, but it’s not like he was on some major hiatus from making music. He also joined up with the Fiery Furnaces in 2008, just a little after he teamed back up with the classic Sebadoh trio in 2007. He’s been active, just not so much under his own name.

Spooky Action, and likewise At Sixes and Sevens, is a good listening exercise; if not for the pure enjoyment of his frenetic, fast-driving indie rock, then for how it highlights where his contributions shape the Sebadoh sound and also how Sebadoh shapes his. When projects feed off each other in a ping-pong matter such as this, it's sorta fun to take notice of the ongoing exchange, and imagine the possibilities as well.

Have a listen here, and you can purchase some vinyl over here.

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