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This was a difficult undertaking, but I can’t say it wasn’t worth it. If nothing else, I discovered Ezra Koenig singing opera.

About a dozen years ago, Kitty decided it was time to merge two long-desired goals into one ambitious project: helping those recover from substance abuse and honor the legacy of her father, the celebrated comedian and social satirist, Lenny Bruce.

Dire Wolves are bent on breaking free of constraints, where improvisational jamming is a vehicle transporting a larger purpose — a musical representation of the connected nature of everything.

Amassing 78s is a special strain of impracticality: they’re fragile (made of either shellac or bakelite), easily scratched, they take up a lot of space, there’s only two songs per record (three minutes per side), it requires a record player with the correct speed setting and a special stylus to handle the wider grooves. That said, 78s can sound like no other recorded medium: astoundingly warm, deep, and that much closer to the...

Writer Christopher McKittrick has always been a lifelong Rolling Stones fan, but he's also a born and raised New Yorker. He's finally written a book on both subjects in Can't Give It Away On Seventh Avenue: The Rolling Stones And New York City. The new book, out on June 25 from Post Hill Press, explores the link between his beloved city and band going back more than 50 years. McKittrick looks at the relationship fr...

"Ryan Wasoba’s 19 Second Songs, Vol. 1" is succinct musical vision was created, played, and produced by Ryan himself. And it’s obvious from the jump he’s not at all taking a piss with the 19-second song format.

Thirty years later, Sonic Temple still absolutely rips. I love this record, as it connects me to a fairly ugly and stupid era of rock 'n’ roll, but still plants me down to a silly and properly loud terraform version of it. Both halves are wildly different, but they also have different ways of connecting you to that 80s rock scene you were pretty sure you wanted to like but without a Camaro or eyeliner, you never really sto...

In the early 1950s, when the LP came into existence, female vocalists put out albums in great numbers. Some sold a lot of records and compiled a huge discography, while other singers released a poorly-selling album or two and then disappeared. (By the way, many of those albums are great).

It's raining today and Scott Walker is dead. I can't help but feel that these two facts are connected, after years of listening to his music swell and ripple in the air. Transmissions from a dark and mysterious world close to ours, with strings spreading like ink on a page, a voice that was gorgeously apocalyptic. Like David Bowie, who was obsessed with him, Walker’s imagination was alien, beyond traditional boundaries...

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