A Band You Should Know: Washer

May 16, 2017 | by Jocelyn Hoppa


We weren't around a year ago to expound upon such things as Washer's 2016 full-length debut Here Comes Washer. So, if you know about them, GREAT. If not, here's a crash course in a Brooklyn band (duo, really), who are sure to put out more music featuring their brand of slowed-down, fuzzed-out punk energy with those well-documented pop "sensibilities" Here Comes Washer gained some notoriety for. 


They sound a bit like the Smoking Popes, who's own 1995 release Born To Quit carries that "I'm a loser but actually care a fuck of a lot" quality that the more introspective side of post-punk/grunge/whatever else falls into the all-encompassing "slacker" category latch onto.  Their label home is with Exploding In Sounds Records, who host a whole slew of next generation noisy, hardcore sentimentalists. And god love 'em all.


I have no press release telling me they are releasing more music. Or a new video to show you. (Do we always need a reason?) I'm just hear to dump a bunch of the stuff from Washer in your direction. You decide. We're, quite obviously, not the last word in anything.






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