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Greg Allman, Ramblin' Man, Dead at 69

Gregg Allman

May 27, 2107 | by Jocelyn Hoppa

Gregg Allman was a soulful, Southern rock legend. Today, we learned that he died at his home, 69 years of age. In April, Gregg announced he had entered hospice at his home in Savannah, Georgia, due to serious health issues. Gregg was a founding member, lead singer, and keyboardist of the Allman Brothers Band, which defined a brand of 1970s rock that showed no bounds — a rollicking mix of country rock, gospel, downtrodden blues, and jazz meanderings. Lynyrd Skynyrd, as well any number of jam bands, followed in their pioneering footsteps.

Albums like Eat a Peach, The Allman Brothers Band, Brothers and Sisters, and At Fillmore East are some of the band's most beloved, although there's around 19 albums to sink one's teeth into. Gregg also dipped his toe into Hollywood, acting in an episode of Tales from the Crypt, not to mention this chilling scene from Rush:

I had the privilege of seeing the Allman Brothers Band at the Beacon Theater in New York City, where they've played more than 230 shows (nearly every year since 1989) — each one lasting well over four hours. While I can't say the Allman Brothers Band was in heavy rotation for me, it was one of the best shows ever. Even if we were technically in Manhattan, the scene inside was way down South. All 1970s livin' free attitudes. Pot was passed around without prompting. Beer and long hair flowed. Hoots and hollers. Midnight riders, everyone up and dancing.

Gregg Allman lived the fuck out of life, hardly captured here in this short post. But that's of no matter. For now, for tonight, and for him, let's all tap in to that freewheelin' world him and his band created. We could all use it.

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