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FIRST LISTEN: Ramonda Hammer Upcoming Grunge-Pop EP Release

Ramonda Hammer

July 10, 2017 | by Jocelyn Hoppa

Ramonda Hammer released a pretty killer alt-90s indie rock record last year titled Whatever That Means, and now the crunchy, poppy rockers are back with an EP due out early August. Destroyers, to be released on New Professor, is a promising follow up featuring more of the band's off-kilter time changes, whimsical chord progressions, and gut-punch lyrics.

The quartet (named after a lady featured on the television show Cheaters) is fronted by Devin Davis, who said she wrote the song "Bender" while binge-watching Shameless for two weeks straight. She says, "The lyrics are really just a conversation between two opposing sides of one's brain. The verses ask questions from the more sane, healthy part of one's psyche, and the choruses respond from the anxiety-ridden, depressed, and very frustrated side."

"Bender" is a great example of the band's propensity to take Belly-esque melodies and shred them apart with distortion and snarling vocals. Upon "first listen" we like. We like a lot.

Now, your turn:

Destroyers is available to pre-order at Bandcamp.

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