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The Sleeper: Brooklyn's Peaer Brings the Metered Math Rock

The Sleeper: Peaer, Peaer

November 21, 2017 | by Toby Blanco

Suppose you're up early on a cold, clear autumn cold morning and in need of a soundtrack for good headspace. This self-titled album, the second by Brooklyn rock band Peaer, is your cup of black coffee, is your brisk walk with the dog. Like those simple comforts, Peaer crackles with inner warmth even as it invigorates. A couple of listen throughs and you may find it habit-forming. But it's a good habit.

Peaer is 8 songs in about 25 minutes, and not a moment wasted. The songs feel thoughtfully crafted without getting lost in the details. Here you'll find ornate, quiet interludes and sweet, somewhat wistful melodies cozied up next to cranked up guitar crunch. You'll bask in the diffuse sunlight of its surprising guitar leads and shuffle through the leaf piles of its staggered rhythms.

If you were ever obsessed with Weezer's blue album, or cracked a smile at Pedro the Lion's weathered maturity and wry playfulness, Peaer awaits.

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