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Wu-Tang Clan's RZA Directing Anticipated Post-Katrina Heist Film Cut Throat City


December 18, 2017 | by Jocelyn Hoppa

Cut Throat City is filming right now in New Orleans, featuring actors like Wesley Snipes,Terrance Howard, Eiza González, and T.I. Harris. The film focuses on four boyhood friends who return to New Orleans' Lower Ninth Ward after Hurricane Katrina only to find their homes and any chance of an honest means to make money demolished. The friends turn to a local gangster and are hired for a "daring" job to rob a casino in the heart of the city.

So far, you've got our attention.

RZA, who got a kinda rocky start as a director with films like The Man with the Iron Fist and Love Beats Rhymes, is a producer and will direct while also overseeing the soundtrack and score. We'll proceed with caution, but for now, this film has a killer title, premise, and list of actors.

Since we're here, might as well spin a few tracks from RZA's classic alter ego Bobby Digital.


"My Lovin' Is Digi"

"Do U"

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