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A Band You Should Know: Nova Scotia's Booji Boys

Booji Boys, Weekend Rocker

January 3, 2017 | by Jocelyn Hoppa

The holidays came and went, and now we're all left with that starchy brand of life hangover from a gluttonous celebration filled with too much food and too many presents all in the name of baby Jesus amen. Amongst it all, Halifax punk band Booji Boys dropped a new full-length album on Christmas Day. Weekend Rocker (Drunken Sailor) melds DIY hardcore with a healthy dose of power pop. And, in case you were wondering, the band name is a reference to Devo's weird infant freak character who often sports a nuclear protection suit.

Booji Boys actually had a very productive 2017. Back in February, they released a self-titled debut album, and an EP in July. And then another full-length with Weekend Rocker on December 25 (stream below), which you can purchase on Bandcamp for "name your price."

Weekend Rocker has hooks at every turn while the band blasts out power chords dunked in heavy, shimmery distortion. Booji Boys are catchy and raw, and in no need of refinement. Go 'head, Boys, release thine music with fury!

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