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It’s Ministry by Numbers on Empty Amerikkkant

Did you know Republicans are not good?


March 9, 2018 | by James Greene, Jr.



Nuclear Blast

Grade: D

Anyone with a shred of decency, humanity, and compassion has been living with an anvil on their chest since Donald Trump’s miasma ascended the political stage. Surprisingly, it is not fun to be reminded of this weighty dread, this leaden hell testing the boundaries of our democracy, via Ministry’s Trump-focused Amerikkkant. It is also wildly unimpressive that these apocalyptic rock stalwarts lead by Al Jourgensen have decided to tread well-worn path again — devoting another dour, ham-fisted plain of piston-firing techno metal to the GOP’s corrupt, gruesome nature. Forget preaching to the choir; at this point, Ministry’s preaching to the altar.

It would be acceptable, of course, if the sermon of Amerikkkant wasn’t so uninspired, tedious, and dated. The personality and vigor that transforms Ministry’s last album, 2013’s From Beer to Eternity, into an endearing yet corrosive lark is utterly absent here. Several bare-bones dirges stretch out to nearly 10 minutes apiece, screaming for relevance they’ll never possess. The addition of record scratching, a mournful string section, and manipulated audio clips from the current Republican demon aren’t enough to drag Ministry’s industrial jawn back to the future.

There’s irony to be mined from the fact Amerikkkant’s best selection is called “We’re Tired of It,” though not enough to make anyone kkkare.

Watch the official video for "Antifa"

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