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A Band You Should Know: Lumpy and the Dumpers

Lumpy and the Dumpers

March 20, 2018 | by Jocelyn Hoppa

I dunno if it's the fourth consecutive Nor'Easter that has me feeling angsty, all the prevailing, horrific news of the day, or what, but today seemed like a good day to (if you don't already know 'em) introduce you to St. Louis' sardonic, slapdash hardcore punk band Lumpy and the Dumpers. They are crude, rude, snotty, and funny, and they are my obsession for at least the next 24 hours of ice, snow, freezing rain, and wind (and I'm assuming a continual barrage of news about our corrupt government).

The band had been slam-dancing their way through the underground for a few years on the strength of seven-inches and tape up until about two years ago. Lumpy and the Dumpers sophomore album Those Pickled Fuckers was released in the fall of 2017, which assumes a slightly less awesomely crass album title than 2016's Huff My Sack and its memorable front cover art of a gremlin exposing himself. Their latest medium long-player features more fast and furious punk-length tracks often hitting a tinny, unpleasant, but extremely effective bleakness as "Lumpy" snarls his vocals around the ear-blasting sonics.

Special props to the track “Clatter Song” that references the xylophone on The Stooges “Penetration.”

One, two, and you know what to do... 

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