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EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Austin Gothic Post Punks The Schisms Gender Bend in New "Private Eye"

The Schisms

March 21, 2018 | by Jocelyn Hoppa

What is a schism, but a divide amongst people? This definition neatly applies to The Schisms latest video premiere exclusive for the genre-bending “Private Eye” — and they're giving No Recess! readers a first look.

Bandleader Carson Barker explains the concept for the video, which is a response to the notorious bathroom bill in the state of Texas:

“As with most rational human beings, I was completely against the Texas bathroom bill… And I liked the idea [for the video script] of someone being able to enter a public bathroom and exit as the opposite gender. That’s fertile ground for a great story, and it preys on the fears of the bathroom bill proponents and other trans-phobic Americans.”

The video was shot in a film noir style, perfectly fitting the band's sound, which drives on a blend of post punk in the vein of Bauhaus and Joy Division, as well as The Schisms penchant for moody and forbidding gothic-style theatrics.

"Private Eye" was recorded by Grammy-winning producer Stuart Sikes, who has worked with everyone from The Oblivians and The Promise Ring to Loretta Lynn, Cat Power, Modest Mouse, and The Walkmen. The video was directed by Nathan Bayless, an animator for the award-winning documentary, Tower.

Don't sleep on The Schisms deliciously dark debut LP Moon, which was released in August of 2017.

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