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Happy Surfer Rosa, Here's a Bunch of People Covering "Where Is My Mind?"


March 21, 2018 | by James Greene, Jr.

The first Pixies album, Surfer Rosa, came out 30 years ago today. To mark this special anniversary, No Recess! presents here several notable tribute recordings of the album's most popular track, the ever aching "Where Is My Mind?" Don't act like you didn't want to hear this groundbreaking alternative rock composition dragged kicking and screaming across genres like acoustic white boy beat boxing, Mario Paint Composer, and whatever the hell Fresh Nelson considers themselves.

You'll thank us in the morning.

Gabriel Mayers (live in the subway)


Mr_Hopkinsons Computer

Nada Surf

Fresh Nelson

ujary (Mario Paint Composer)

Vitamin String Quartet

Volt 44 (8 bit)

Weezer (live, audience recording)

SugarrMuffinn (ukulele)

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