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Did It Slip Your Mind Just What Monster Magnet Can Do?

Monster Magnet, Mindfucker

March 23, 2018 |by James Greene, Jr.

Monster Magnet, the New Jersey hard rockers who clawed their way to MTV's Buzz Bin way back during the age of the Wonderbra, release their 10th studio album today. It’s called Mindfucker (natch) and you can get a taste of it via the lyric video for sinewy proclamation "I'm God."

"All you slobs gotta a lot of nerve," singer Dave Wyndorf insists before the chorus. "I'm God, if you're lookin' for who to blame." Well, great, let me get out my list of grievances.

Lyric videos sure have come a long way since amateurs would awkwardly blast a red Comic Sans font across a neon green background. This clip for "I'm God" has a hypnotic quality, like slow motion instant replay or reruns of "In Search of..."

Thanks for putting the effort in, Monster Magnet.

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