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YouTuber Crafts Tribute Song to Shania Twain From Facebook Comments

Shania Twain

March 30, 2018 | by James Greene, Jr.

Shout out to the maestro Hot Dad for putting together "This Wonderful Woman That You Are (Song for Shania)," a driving synth track topped with lyrics culled entirely from the official Facebook fan page for Shania Twain. Don't put money on total hagiography; early in the song a commenter admits "my fav artist is Bon Jovi." Similarly, during the first chorus, our collective protagonist announces "I can't complete your quest."

Don't get us wrong, there's plenty of praise for Ms. Twain. "No software of the world can recreate the personality and charisma of a Shania Twain"; "I <3 you so much Shania"; "I'll try [sic] your tears, my queen." There are also a few non sequiturs ("Miranda, I didn't receive your message, I don't use messenger, it burns up my phone").

Does "This Wonderful Woman That You Are" need to go on for nearly six minutes? It's the Titanic of novelty tribute songs about Shania Twain. On the other hand, how wide a field is that? The genre may be this song in its entirety.

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