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Totally Unrequested: The Move, "Fields of People"

April 9, 2018 | by Jocelyn Hoppa

"Fields of People," the first cover track on the b-side of The Move's second studio album Shazam (1970, Regal Zonophone), is a very satisfying example of the English band taking '60s pop for a foray into long-form prog/psych rock. (Side A is originals, and Side B is covers.) Bend an ear far enough, and you'll be granted with proto metal riffs and heavier drumming. "Fields of People" is near 11 minutes of sunny, hazy West Coast hippie rock taken down the aqueduct of avant garde, all while staying true to the Ars Nova original.

Shazam is one of those early prog albums, a fixed link in the chain of events that would bring about the even proggier stylings of Electric Light Orchestra.

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