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New BabyMetal Single "Distortion" Whips a Ton of Ass


May 9, 2018 | by James Greene, Jr.

BabyMetal, everyone's favorite kawaii death act from Japan, have thrown a diamond into the trash heap of 2018 with their fiery new single "Distortion." According to a press release, this song and its accompanying video explore "the dark side" of a "new prophecy" that was revealed to us on April 1. Well of course it does. "Distortion" also whips a ton of ass as it unpacks the evils associated with this latest prognostication.

It's surely no coincidence that "Distortion's" release coincides with the start of BabyMetal's 2018 world tour. Last night they played Kansas City; tomorrow, Austin, Texas. This cloak of darkness they're warning us about in the prophecy — we must accept if it means a future with more BabyMetal.

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