Debut Album From Maggot Heart Coming in July

May 24, 2018 | by James Greene, Jr.                                                                            [Maggot Heart creator Linnéa Olsson. Photo by Sara Gewalt.]



On July 13, German label Teratology Sound & Vision will release Dusk to Dusk, the debut album from Swedish guitarist/singer Linnéa Olsson's latest project Maggot Heart. Formed last year, Maggot Heart carries on the cold nihilism and weighty doom Olsson brought to heavy outfits like Sonic Ritual, The Oath, and Grave Pleasures. Lending rhythmic support on Dusk to Dusk are Uno Bruniusson and bassist Gottfrid Åhman, both formerly of In Solitude, both of whom appeared on Maggot Heart's previous two singles, 2017's "City Girls" and "Show Them Your Teeth."


According to a corresponding press release, Dusk to Dusk "is the sound of a comedown in the blue light of the dawn. Darker, monolithic and slightly melancholic, its nine songs move through pictures of isolation in altered states... [this album is] a highly personal 'alchemical blitz' that, through unorthodox instrumentation and intense lyricism, highlights a certain kind of savagery in rock and roll that seems to have gone missing in the retro-craze of the 2010s."


Dusk to Dusk is available for an €8 pre-order on Maggot Heart's Bandcamp page. You can also watch a teaser for the album below. If you live in or near Lithuania, be sure to catch Maggot Heart at the Devilstone Festival in Anykščiai on July 12.




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