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Mazzy Star Releases New EP, Four Tracks Full of Breathy Downbeat Psychedelic Bedroom Ballads

Mazzy Star, Still EP

June 1, 2018 | by Jocelyn Hoppa

It's been almost 30 years, and Hope Sandoval and guitarist David Roback, the whole of Mazzy Star, sound as if no time has passed at all. Sometimes for a band, that's not a good thing. But here, it's a welcomed cold comfort, that these aspects of ourselves often can't and/or don't need to change.

Even still, some change is inevitable: Concluding the four songs found on Still, their latest EP, we get an "Ascension Version" of "So Tonight That I Might See," which was an original track on 1993's album of the same name. (And it's awesomely enigmatic and sprawling with elevated noisy guitar parts, as well as being a tad bit longer at 7:53.)

EP Tracklist:

  1. Quiet, The Winter Harbor

  2. That Way Again

  3. Still

  4. So Tonight That I Might See (Ascension Version)

If you're lucky enough to live in Australia or be traveling there in a few weeks, Mazzy Star will be performing their first-ever shows at the Sydney Opera House — three nights, June 11, 12, and 13.

Watch the official video for lead track "Quiet, The Winter Harbor." Still is available today via all the usual outlets, in both digital and 12-inch vinyl formats.

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