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Got $95k? You Can Own Whitney Houston's Bible

Whitney Houston, Buy Her Bible

June 6, 2018 | by James Greene, Jr.

Sure, a regular Bible's fine, but wouldn't you rather have a Bible festooned with late singing sensation Whitney Houston's handwriting? Her one time landlord in Newport Beach thinks so, which is why he's selling this particular good book for $95,000. Houston left the Bible behind — along with various articles of clothing and some compact discs, which were thrown away — when she vacated her luxury rental in 2011.

An "interesting" investment is how the anonymous landlord is trying to frame this naked cash grab, which is only slightly less crass than Kanye West recently dropping $85k for a picture of the drug-laden bathroom where Houston died for the cover of Pusha T's most recent album, Daytona. Can a dead pop superstar get some friggin' respect around here?

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