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FIRST LISTEN: Ohio Garage-Punk Band Vacation Release Album Single "Action Road"

Vacation, Action Road, Mouth Sounds #2699

June 20, 2018 | by Jocelyn Hoppa

Here's your first listen of Ohio garage-punk band Vacation's single "Action Park" — the lead track from the band's anticipated upcoming LP Mouth Sounds #2699, which hits the proverbial streets on July 29 via Let's Pretend Records.

There's plenty of fuzz, hit hat and snare, blistering guitars, lo-fi, and a bit of pop-punk thrown in to make the aural drive down "Action Road" fun, energetic, and wholly satisfying. Mouth Sounds #2699 was engineered by John Curley of The Afghan Whigs (another Ohio export) at the now defunct Ultrasuede Studio in Cincinnati.

The album blazes through 12 tracks of on-point rhythmic shifts via beater Dylan McCartney, while lead singer Jerri Queen delivers the lyrics that is at times mellow and melodious and other times completely sneering and frenetic. We like. We like a lot.

Vacation has had previous releases on labels like Recess and Don Giovanni, should that provide a bit more scope into their sound.

The warm weather is here, a new forthcoming Vacation record is set to refresh your punk-loving earholes, and "Action Park" absolutely should make the cut on that obligatory summer playlist.

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