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[Update] Birds Moved, Bluesfest Saved

June 27, 2018 | by James Greene, Jr.

The killdeer nest that was discovered on the grounds of Canada's popular Bluesfest concert event last week has been safely relocated as of 8am this morning, allowing festival organizers to sigh with relief and continue preparations on schedule. The nation's conservation ministry Environment Canada granted Bluesfest permission (under the Migratory Birds Convention Act of 1917) to move the nest containing four eggs of this protected species yesterday.

Monkia Melichar from Woodlands Wildlife Sanctuary divided the effort, which involved carrying the nest 25 metres (82 feet) on a small platform, between last night and the sunrise hours of today.

"We've been up here since 5[am], moving it one metre at a time," Melichar remarked during the transition, "... allowing the parents to nestle down again on the eggs. There's been a few little incidents where we thought, 'Oh no, they're not coming back fast enough,' but so far so good... they've always sat back down onto the nest, onto the eggs, and incubated them. So it's been really great."

Although it now appears the killdeer are safe, there is still a chance the parents could ultimately reject the eggs in their new locale. If that happens, Melichar has an incubator ready and will bring the unhatched birds to her sanctuary.

Hopefully it all works out for this killdeer family, and hopefully every single one of the anticipated 300,000 Bluesfest attendees will take a moment to consider the needs of Canada's federally protected avian species as they rock out to Foo Fighters, Dave Matthews, and others over the course of 11 days.

Bluesfest begins July 5.

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