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Flea Buys House for One Hot $4.25 Million

Flea Buys House For One Hot $4.25 Million

July 2, 2018 | by James Greene, Jr.

Rockin' real estate alert: Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea has purchased California's gorgeous Dorothy Serulnic Residence — which is in truth a two home compound — for $4.25 million. Resting approximately 20 miles north of Los Angeles, the property's founding modernist structure was created by Richard Neutra in 1952 (Dorothy Serulnic was Neutra's secretary and the home's first occupant). Artists Lari Pittman and Roy Dowell bought the home in 1998 and then hired Michael Maltzan to design a second building on their 5.7 acres of hillside in the mid 2000s.

More info on and pictures of this sumptuous domicile can be found at Variety, but before you go please take a moment to really drink in the awful Photoshop we put together for this news blurb. Truly, some artistic skills are better left under the bridge.

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