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Earth Granted The Darkness "Permission to Land" 15 Years Ago

The Darkness

July 6, 2018 | by James Greene, Jr.

If nostalgia is poison then this is double skull and crossbones: 15 years ago tomorrow The Darkness released their debut album, Permission to Land, which firmly established the U.K. quartet as ribald 1970s rock fetishists. Did Nirvana ever actually exist? listeners may wonder as the cutting falsetto of Justin Hawkins leaps over Thin Lizzy guitars doing donuts in a high school parking lot. Hell, in light of this record, maybe Iggy Pop never existed.

Many have accused The Darkness of "taking the piss" when it comes to their over the top arena rock hagiography, that it's all delivered with a big fat wink, but there's a slim chance these guys just like having their fun. It is also possible to mock something you hold dearly to your heart.

The Darkness are still out there doin' it. In 2017 they released their fifth album, Pinewood Smile, and on June 25 of this year they dropped the concert disc Live at Hammersmith. So rats off to them. Here's to 15 more years of ear-splitting shrieks and horny riffin'.

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