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David Hasselhoff Endorses German Punks Primetime Failure

David Hasselhoff Endorses German Punk Group Primetime Failure

July 25, 2018 | by James Greene, Jr.

Congratulations to Primetime Failure, the skate punk quartet from Germany's north central city of Bielefeld, who appear to have cornered the Knight Rider himself David Hasselhoff at an airport and successfully cajoled him into providing an introduction for their video "Stuck in the 90s." Look, maybe Primetime Failure actually is the Hoff's favorite band. Maybe it actually is reasonable to pay $9 for a muffin at Hudson News.

The song itself is fun and short and ends with a memorable refrain — "can't hear anymore songs about sinking ships or burning bridges." Hopefully our collective bridge with David Hasselhoff will never be burned.

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