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Ain't Nobody Bad Like "The Meteor Man"

Ain't Nobody Bad Like The Meteor Man

August 6, 2018 | by James Greene, Jr.

Twenty-five years ago today MGM released The Meteor Man, Robert Townsend's star-studded superhero romp about a meek substitute teacher who inherits bizarre and unpredictable powers from a space rock that crash lands in his Washington D.C. neighborhood. Roger Ebert hit the nail on the head when he wrote The Meteor Man "could have been better if it had tried to do less, more carefully." It's hard to waste the lightning in a bottle talents of Sinbad, but this 100-minute mess finds a way.

Thank god The Meteor Man has a great theme song. Big Hat Ray Ray's "Ain't Nobody Bad Like the Meteor Man" is a certified banger, suitable for any dance party, bar mitzvah, or ringtone. Bump this crazy jam today as you sit back and wonder if Cypress Hill did their own stunts in the grand finale of the only superhero movie we know of that retains both Robert Guillaume and Marla Gibbs.

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