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Heaven Beside You: Alice in Chains to Play Atop Space Needle

Alice in Chains to Play Atop Space Needle

August 17, 2018 | by James Greene, Jr.

Earlier this month, Seattle's world famous Space Needle revealed the results of a $100 million renovation — the Loupe, a rotating glass floor 500 feet above the city where grunge was born. On August 21, one of the genre's most celebrated bands Alice in Chains will become the first act to play the Loupe in a concert sponsored by SiriusXM.

"I've visited the Space Needle many times in my life and it's going to be a real honor and a total trip for us to play there," commented Alice in Chains guitarist Jerry Cantrell. "We're so proud of [our new album Rainier Fog] and to be able to celebrate its release with a performance at one of our town's most iconic landmarks is really special."

This historic acoustic gig will be broadcast by SiriusXM on August 31 at 5pm EST, so fire up those apps or whatever you use to access galactic radio.

If you can't wait for Chains on the Needle, August 20t will be Alice in Chains Night at Safeco Field as the Seattle Mariners take on your world champion Houston Astros. Visit the Terrace Club Patio before the end of the third inning for a Ranier Fog listening party and to redeem your gratis copy of the CD plus an Alice in Chains t-shirt.

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