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The Distillers Return With "Man vs. Magnet"

The Distillers

September 12, 2018 | by James Greene, Jr.

Turn of the century punks the Distillers, the fierce quartet driven by the smoky throat of singer and guitarist Brody Dalle, have released their first new music in 15 years. Has it really been that long since Coral Fang? Yes, yes it has.

"Man vs. Magnet" proves this group hasn't missed a beat since the dawn of the W Bush years, climbing around an emotional riff before giving in completely to the heavy undertow.

The "b side" here is "Blood in Gutters," a cover of a 2014 Dalle solo track. It also rips a great amount of ass.

Could a full album be far behind? Stranger things have happened. Fingers crossed for more Distillers to flavor the drudgery of our current landscape.

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