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We Missed Our Chance to Own the Jedi Danzig Action Figure

Jedi Danzig Action Figure

November, 16, 2018 | by James Greene, Jr.

Last month Austin-based creator(s) Relentless Assault debuted their Obi-Glenn Kenobi action figure, which combines the brooding intensity of Glenn Danzig with the soothing wisdom of Alec Guinness. This 3.75" piece of resin would have been the perfect gift for every freak who loves Blackacidevil as much as Return of The Jedi. Alas, Relentless Assault has already sold out of these custom toys. Their C-3PO/GG Allin mashup is also sold out. This is gonna be a tough Christmas!

Danzig, it should be noted, has never really cared for the galaxy far, far away. "I hate Star Wars," he remarked in a 1983 issue of Flipside. "Gimme Basket Case any day."

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