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Witchrot Rises From Ashes After Viral Breakup Post


December 5, 2018 | by James Greene, Jr.

Last week, Peter Turik of Canadian doom metal purveyors Witchrot captivated the world with a Facebook post about his group's "extended hiatus," caused by "the unfortunate reality of our guitarist fucking my girlfriend of almost [seven] years...also our drummer died." "Ripe with hate," Turik vowed Witchrot would eventually resurface in "another space and time." Turns out that space and time is now.

In a statement to Alternative Press, Turik says he is "floored by the fact that this post received so much attention...the amount of positive feedback people expressed, with regard to my situation along with the praise for our music, was touching to say the this point I am going to continue the band full force with Lea up front on vocals. The both of us talked it over and I'm so happy that she's on board."

Witchrot will be heading into the studio soon and have also snagged a December 28th gig at Lee's Palace in their hometown of Toronto. Oh, and their drummer Simon did not die, he just grew too busy for Witchrot as he performs with several other bands. "Say I died," Simon allegedly told Turik. "No one will give a shit."

Here's to a bevy of cloudy musical hell from Witchrot in 2019!

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