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Hate the Holidays? Check Out Say Sue Me's Latest EP: "Christmas, It's Not a Biggie&quot

Say Sue Me

December 14, 2018 | by Jocelyn Hoppa

South Korean indie pop band, Say Sue Me, released an EP last week to put the jangle in your jingle this holiday season. Christmas, It's Not a Biggie blends a catchy, upbeat mix of indie dream pop with surf rock, much like their well-received sophomore release Where We Were Together earlier this year.

The title track questions what all the holiday hubbub is about: "It's not your birthday / I wonder why people look so excited." Clearly one for non-churchgoers (sheepishly raises hand). They follow that with "Too Expensive Christmas Tree," a pleasant instrumental track that doesn't seem to echo the annoyance of spending hard-earned money on a dying tree that lives in your living room for a few weeks.

"Out of Bed" takes down the tempo to a dreamy ballad that highlights the pointlessness of this holiday once again, but concedes it's time to get out of bed, no more dark, let's get together for no reason: "Just want to make it a memorable day / And it's gonna be easy / Winter sunshine, ships like lights on Christmas tree / Leonard Cohen singing Christmas songs." The fourth and final track, "After This Winter" seems to touch upon seasonal depression or just a reflection of watching the world and its inhabitants "getting cold" and changing. A beautiful bummer track is not what I expected to wrap up this EP titled Christmas, It's Not a Biggie, but I couldn't be more pleased about that fact either. Do yourself a favor and check out this brilliant little gift from a band we hope to hear more about in 2019.

Watch this video of Say Sue Me performing the song "Out of Bed" (100% my new favorite Christmas song!):

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