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Axl Rose Teams Up With Bugs Bunny, Porky Pig for "Rock the Rock"

January 7, 2019 | by James Greene, Jr.

Yes, there is currently a program on the air called "The New Looney Tunes." Yes, it's about to enter its third season. And yes, Axl Rose will have a guest starring role this year in which he sings a brand new song called "Rock the Rock." The Boomerang Channel has released the music video for the song, ostensibly lifted from the episode in question. If "Rock the Rock" doesn't sound like the Guns N' Roses you know, that's because it isn't — the song was written by "Looney Tunes" staffers Rob Janus and Joshua Funk.

Not the most inspired animation in this cartoon, but at least we can rest secure in the knowledge that Porky Pig can lay down rock solid bass work. Of course, some of us already knew that from the Megadeth episode of "Duck Dodgers."

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