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"Maximum Rocknroll" Ending Print Run

January 14, 2019 | by James Greene, Jr.

An announcement posted to relays news that the venerable punk rock fanzine will be ending its print run of 37 years following three more issues. Maximum Rocknroll will start posting online record reviews later in the year to coincide with their weekly radio show.

"The landscape of the punk underground has shifted over the years, as has the world of print media," the statement reads in part. "Many of the names and faces behind Maximum Rocknroll have changed too. Yet with every such shift, MMR has continued to remind readers that punk rock isn't any one person, one band, or even one fanzine. It is an idea, an ethos, a fuck you to the status quo, a belief that a different kind of world and a different kind of sound is ours for the making."

Since its inception as a radio program in 1977, Maximum Rocknroll has been an invaluable source not just for the punk underground of the United States but of the world over. Entire issues have been dedicated to raucous rabble rousers from other countries, giving them exposure and love no other North American publication could or would offer.

On January 20th, Maximum Rocknroll will open its headquarters for a public meeting regarding the future of the company. Further details can be obtained by e-mailing mrr [@] maximumrocknroll [dot com].

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