Bob Mould On His Time In Berlin, "Sunshine Rock" Drops February 8

January 23, 2019 | by Jocelyn Hoppa


Sunshine Rock is Bob Mould's upcoming full-length release (February 8 via Merge Records) and is said to be his most radiant record yet, one full of optimism that was informed by his time as a three-year resident of Berlin, Germany. Perhaps it was the expat absence that allowed him to the see a light beyond the toxic glow of America's political dumpster fire? Certainly would't hurt matters.


Take a walk with Bob as he traipses around Berlin and talks about his connection to the city and how it reshaped his life:


Mould also announced the Sunshine Rock signature distortion pedal, in partnership with Tym Guitars, which are available for pre-order here.


And do listen to the recently released singles "What Do You Want Me to Do" and "Sunshine Rock":






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