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Album of Unreleased Townes Van Zandt Material Coming March 7, What Would’ve Been His 75th Birthday

Townes Van Zandt, unreleased material Blue Sky

January 28, 2018 | by Jocelyn Hoppa

Oooh well now we can’t say 2019 is all shit in the sauce. Sky Blue is a collection of 11 unreleased songs — some recordings made in early 1973 — by Townes Van Zandt, showcasing his migrant lifestyle and the subsequent tales fans have always loved about his work.

Versions of “Pancho and Lefty” and “Rex’s Blues” here are said to be earlier, raw and somber drafts. As well as old favorites, Sky Blue also includes two new songs, “All I Need” (which you can hear below) and a title track.

Sky Blue drops on March 7 via TVZ and Fat Possum and you can pre-order here.

Sky Blue Tracklist

1. All I Need

2. Rex's Blues

3. Hills of Roane County

4. Sky Blue

5. Forever For Always For Certain

6. Blue Ridge Mountain Blues (Smoky Version)

7. Pancho and Lefty

8. Snake Song

9. Silver Ships of Andilar

10. Dream Spider

11. The Last Thing On My Mind

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