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Lou Barlow Creates Eight-Song Bandcamp EP of Cleaned Up 1993 Sentridoh Material

Lou Barlow

February 5, 2019 | by Jocelyn Hoppa

Announced via his Instagram account, a platform Lou Barlow uses to take his music directly to the fans, there’s now an EP (Vol. 1) of old Sentridoh material.

In his words:

I released a lot of music in 1993.. this three solo 7” f’instance.. some of it is so gnarly and emotionally claustrophobic that I can’t imagine why I thought anyone wanted t hear it, but, there are also some songs that people still mention, so I took some time and extracted the most acceptable bits and created an 8 song #bandcamp ep and published it today.. it’s called “forever instant’ (sentridoh ’93 vol. 1) and it features that tune and th other love-type songs that might have survived the crush of time.. next I’m going to compile all the harsh stuff and call it ‘paranoid revolution’ (sentridoh ’93 vol. 2)!!

"That tune" ... A larger point of the lo-fi movement was to record on the spot and capture feelings felt in the moment on cassette four-track. But, as time passes, I could see looking back with a different pair of eyes and see the need to chop up that material and make something coherent while saving the more chaotic stuff for another volume. Like chopping into a mop of hair to carve out an actual haircut.

Either way, Lou’s commitment to constant music making is never not a thing of wonder, and has possibly even been confusing? All of the different projects he's been a part of, many at the same time, led listeners down a lot of similar yet different paths. Maybe this is his chance to put some shine on his solo stuff again for those who may've missed it the first round and or to give fans who burned out their cassette to CD copies a way to reconnect with this material (it's not on Spotify).

Also in case you were curious or never visited the website before music streaming went apeshit, Loobiecore still exists.

Visit his Bandcamp page for this and more of Lou's music, but first have a listen of "forever instant":

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