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Freemasonry Association Does Not Make Judge In Ghost Case "Disgraceful," Swedish Court of


February 12, 2019 | by James Greene, Jr.

Last November, former members of ghoulish rock group Ghost requested a new trial against singer Tobias Forge, whom they claim is withholding a large amount of profits and royalties, because it was discovered that the presiding judge in the original case, Henrik Ibold (who dismissed their claims), belongs to the same Freemason Order as Forge. Now, a Swedish Court of Appeal has ruled there was no conflict of interest because of this connection.

"In Sweden, there is a constitutional freedom of association that means that all citizens — even judges — have the right to belong to organizations," the Court of Appeal wrote in their ruling. Court president Charlotte Brokelind added, "[the Freemasonry association] does not mean that the judge is disgraceful."

The decision was not unanimous; one court member believed that Ibold deserved punishment, though in recent years Sweden's qualifications for such an action have "tightened considerably."

While the appellate court's ruling on this may appear to signal that the ex-Ghosters will not receive their new trial, there has yet to be an official ruling as such. Truly this situation is a "Dance Macabre!"

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