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A Cool Thing: Stream Fugazi Documentary "Instrument" for Free via SnagFilms

April 18, 2019 | by Jocelyn Hoppa

The 2001 musical documentary Instrument, which highlights a 10-year period of Fugazi as a working band (1987-1996), is now available to stream for free via SnagFilms.

The thing that sets Instrument apart from other "rock docs" is the long-term relationship the band had with the director of the film, Jem Cohen, who they met in high school. Editing of the film was done by both Cohen and members of Fugazi over a five-year period. They were really putting this together for all the fans who didn't really have access to Fugazi or for those who inferred a bit too much into what the band was like without really knowing.

Instrument is embedded here, but the embed is a little janky, so to expand for a full view head on over to SnagFilms.

If you've never seen it, you'll get to see their performance for inmates at the Lorton Correctional Facility, another performance at a Philadelphia college gym where Guy Picciotto stuffs himself through a basketball hoop, and of course the interview they do with an 8th grader for public access TV.

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