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Fridays Are for Shreddin': Karp Live in 1994 Playing "Dueling Banshees"

Karp were the best.

April 19, 20109 | by Jocelyn Hoppa


The middle of the '90s was, more accurately, where a vibrant rock underground thrived, full of wonderfully weirdo outsider bands existing somewhat out of view of the global grunge takeover. Stuff that was unique and powerful was alive and well. One such band was Karp, a trio of straight-up bashers.

"Dueling Banshees" kicks off Karp's 1994 album Mustache Wild, and sets the low and heavy tone before breaking into pure pounding of their instruments. Here they are, performing "Dueling Banshees" at the Capitol Theater in Olympia the same year of the album's release.

For more good rippin' times, here's Karp playing "We Ate Sand" in 1997:

And for more Karp, check out their Bandcamp page.

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